Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was going though old e-mails, and found these picture of a blanket I made a while ago and how much time and effort I put in to it. When the blanket was done I was very happy with the finished project, then i gave it to my nephew which i don't even know if he uses it or not, but I was think about how much time and effort I put in to it and came out with something that i could give away and someone could enjoy. Now if only I would do that with school right now. School is really hard right now and I am not even sure if what I am doing, is what I want to do. But at least I will have gained knowledge to put in to mine and David relationship. Now i am just kind of rambling. lets get in to some other stuff that happened over the last couple of weeks.

so on Halloween I worked and I wish i could have dress up in my favourite custom what I own, but I just dressed up as a farm girl, but it was an enjoyable Halloween. I thought I would have to deal with way more drunk then I did but here are a few picture of my halloween:) the one with the girls is all the pizza that we had made to help us get though the very busy night we had a $900 hour it was crazy but it was a great night, and then the other one is what the place looks like when we had no pizzas made. it was a lot of pizzas and they didn't last very long. with all those pizza made there is only $440 worth of $5 pizza, crazy, eh!!!! then me as a frog:)

Then yesterday Mom and I went to her Christmas party, I enjoyed myself got to get all dressed up and eat good food, and dessert, and hang out with my Mom:) then I got to hang out with some of my friends as well it was nice to kind of have a social life, that is one thing I sometime miss with working and going to school so we played Dr. Mario, reminds we of the good old times of last year. This is the only picture I got of the night since the batteries on my camera died:( but check out my mom bosses suit, it was bright orange, it was so sweet. He had it tailored made in China when he was there.
This is the thing I miss the most out of anything right now, you guess it David, I can't wait until Dec 12 to seee him. I get him for a while three weeks that will be so nice. I was hoping to go to Arizona for part of the Christmas holidays. but the things i have to give up to marry David, travelling to the states until my visa go through. Look how cute he is:) I can't wait to see him, and this time i get to pick him up from the airport;) Can't wait to be sealed to this young man for all time and eternity :D

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