Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mount Lemon

Okay So this weekend we went up to Mount Lemon, which is in Tucson, it was lots of fun. The whole Phoenix office went. It was good times. Then we went to church in Tucson as well, but funny thing is I didn't have church clothes because i had gone in to the closest to get church clothes and I got distracted and ended up not getting any. So one of the guy in the Tucson office found a girl that I would borrow clothes from, it was nice. So That is pretty much what is happening in my life other then I am not dating a guy, his name is David and he is from Arizona.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My first blog for the summer

Okay So I told My sister Chrissy that I would update my blog, if she updated her blog so here is me updating my blog. Over the last couple of months a lot has happened, I have finished my first year in Business Admin for Accounting. I have moved to Chandler Arizona for summer sales. Which has been lots of fun so far but also a BIG learning experience. My Mom, Chrissy, and I have gone on vacation to Nashville and Memphis Tennessee, and had a blast for a week. I have also learned a lot about moving away from home, I know I have moved away from home before, but I have always had a family member close by. This time it is just me and a bunch of friends. I have had to learn to relay on the Lord. But i am thankful for the Priesthood that is around me, and some good sisters in the Gospel as well:) So Here are some pictures of my time over the last couple of weeks and months, enjoy:D