Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My weekend with David

So i flow to mesa on the 23rd of October to spend a wonderful weekend with David. I surprised him three hours earlier then he thought I would be arriving in Thatcher Podunk, Arizona. It was so much fun, i enjoyed myself tremendously. I thought about slashing the tires and calling and telling i had a flat, and by doing so miss my plane;) But i needed to go back to school and work:( since i had two exams this week, one day one to go:)Here a few pictures from this weekend, I didn't take a lot of photo had other things on my mind like spending as much time with David as possible:) The first night David made a candle lit dinner, that was suppose to be a surprise but i showed up a little earlier then he thought:) it was really good. then we just hang out and talked, maybe kissed a little.Friday we watched a movie went shopping for food so i could make David a not frozen dinner. I think he liked it:) then we got all dressed up and went to the homecoming dance which everyone was wearing t-shirts and jeans, we were told it was semi-formal. well must have changed last minute or something. but we still loved really cute so we went for ice creams and i got compliments when we were out i felt special:)Saturday just hung out with each other as much as possible, made lunch, went for a walk, made dinner went to the park, and then hung out till i had to leave at 4 am to catch my plane:( sad day i didn't want to leave. and that was my weekend in a nut shell can't wait for my David to come at Christmas:) No w it is just a waiting game to see when we get married, it all depend on the government:( anyways from 6 months to a year, sad day!!!! but a happy day when it happends:)

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